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  • Vineet Sehgal Director  , Oracle India Pvt. Ltd

    Motivate Mee is a good initiative started by Akash & Team. The objective is to encourage & inspire others to understand their inner potential and be happy in life. Unlike other motivational speakers Akash wants to do this with passion and without any self interest. i wish him and his team all the best in this endeavour.


    Colonel P. S. Bajaj Senior Profesor & Advisor  , IIPM GROUP

    The venture started by Akash & Kuldeep "Motivate Mee" is a social venture with very high aims. I wish them all the best. I am sure they are likely to do very well as their intentions are very good.


    Dr. Anupam Jagga Principal  , Delhi Public School Bulandshahr

    My best wishes for the success of Mr. Akash Sharma through his positive and good initiative of Motivate Mee.



    Akash V. Sharma, I consider you "THE MONK" as you bring positivism in our life towards our attitude and gratitude. you taught so many different things being so indifferent. You teach us the importance of Saying No, a counter-intuitive approach to living a good life. A more interesting question that most people never consider is "What pain do you want in your life? What are you willing to struggle for? Because that seems to be a greater determinant factor of how our lives turn out. An exclusive art is what the Monk preaches and teaches to all of us. Thank You for Your Invaluable Teachings!!


    H. C. SHARMA Former Chief General Manager, UPSEB ,  , Former Founder Director BBDIT Research Center

    It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge the efforts of “ Motivate Mee” to inspire the modern youths who are in tension under present circumstances. They are doing excellent jobs for the society by motivation and soft skills development using latest developed techniques. Their credibility, versatility, positive thoughts and hard-working attitude has earned my respect. The initiative named “DRONA CLUB” taken by Motivate Mee is truly praiseworthy. I endorse it because they have focused the attention of the public in general and teacher in particular. Teachers can contribute a lot in the development of nation by providing quality education and guiding the students properly to follow the right path. I wish them all the best.



    V. V. A. RAO Managing Director  , KEY PATH INDIA PVT. LTD.

    Dear Mr.Akash !

    I want to express my genuine gratitude for all the hard work you have done during the training sessions conducted in our organisation. You have given a new dimension to teaching with your unique and innovative ways, what made more interesting to our team is your way of making difficult concepts - " easily make them learnt ". I really appreciate the way you encourage our staff & colleague to put their best efforts in understanding the sessions. Once again i along with my team would like to extend our warm thanks to all your efforts rendered and wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.



    I am writing this testimonial to acknowledge the excellent work of Mr Akash. He motivated the teachers of Lalta Prasad Balika Vidhya Mandir, Bulandshahr to use their full potential as a teacher while teaching them spoken English and made them different person. He is a responsible citizen, tough teacher and demanding leader.



    Akash has done his job well. He has shown our students that success comes by chasing excellence with strong determination and will power till you get it. I thank him to  awaken a sense of enthusiasm and  responsibility and latest capability we have. He has taught us to dare to discover what potential we have within and dare to think what believe in what we want. We have learnt that it is we who must let this day be the greatest day and a turning point in our life. And certainly we would accomplish what we want.




    Dear Akash V. Sharma,

    I still remember the day when you met me in the morning when you were walking while mumbling a beautiful  song I was fascinated and I stopped  and talked to you and afterwards whenever you met me wee talked on various issues on which you always expressed your views very clearly and I remember all of them. I saw positivity in you and you are able to cope with all challenges of your life as  you choose your carrier differently knowing that this will also help you to overcome challenges of your life also. You have ability to act differently and maintain it without disturbing your mental peace and prepare yourself to live life like a Hermit. A good Life Coach requires a lot of compassion and dedication which i found in you. I pray to the Almighty that he may give you enough courage to meet your Goal.

    With best Wishes!



    Mr. Akash V. Sharma, The Founder of Motivate Mee is owns an impresive Personality. He is a great orator, motivator and a mentor. His training is embedded with real examples and simple language that can lead any businessman towards a greater success in  smoother way. Medical Darpan Media House Has been greatly benefited by his services time to time. I wish grand success for Him And Motivate Mee.



    Mr. Akash V. Sharma is an amazing personality. We are very much impressed by his work. We are very much thankful to the organization, Motivate Mee and Mr. Akash V. Sharma. He has cultivated confidence in our students and their improved behaviour and language and personality represents his work. He has motivated our students in true manner. Moreover he is a hardworker. It is indeed great pleasure to acknowledge his work.


    Vikas sharma Manager Production  , Nestor (UK) Ltd

    I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. We learn a lots of things from motivate mee. I want to convey special thanks and good wishes to Mr. Akash V. Sharma and his team . And i hope it will continue with same passion.


    Aarti Vashistha Teacher  , LPSBVM

    I have  felt lucky when i got chance to be a part of spoken English programme organised by Motivate Mee in our school .Mr Akash V Sharma was our teacher .He's skillful ,humble and passionate person . He teaches from personal experience and always excited to show us the way . He forced me to rethink about the way i've communicated for years & helped me cultivate good communication skillsspecially to be an active listener . He has a calm & logical method of teaching that truly connected & inspired us . So, Thanks Motivate  Mee from the bottom of my heart .


    Neelesh kulkarni President and Master Coach  , Speak to Change Foundation

    Whenever I have had occasion to interact with Akash Sharma, I have been totally impressed by his energy and sincerity. He brings to his job both these in ample measure besides of course his technical skills. A charming and charismatic man, he is a pleasure to interact with. Wish him all success in life and in his mission of motivating people..

    Aanchal giri Student  , ABES EC

    Great work .

    Atul Maheshwari CCO Manager  , Daimler India Commercial vehicles

    It's fascinating to meet Aakash during a training program, a great initiative with basics, moral values & hidden potential in everyone coupled with corporate need. Motivate mee and Akash wanted to Impart the immense knowledge with great passion and zeal to encourage each individual. i wish him and his team all the best in this endeavour. .

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