Book reading

  • The Secret Rhonda Byrne

    (A book that can teach us the power of thought and would plant new seeds of positive thinking for building strong belief system for a life ever imagined.)

  • Think & Grow Rich Nepoleon Hill

    (This substantiates the astounding reality of believing in miracles. And would transform you from a man of dreams into a visionary person)

  • Leadership wisdom Robin sharma

    ( A training manual that will not only teach you but will guide you through the walks of life and you will start growing as person useful for and mankind.

  • The Magic Of Thinking Big David J. Schwartz

    ( A mindset is the main difference between a looser and a winner. A closed mindset can hold you back and an open mind set will bring you upfront. This book will help you walk through the journey.)

  • Srimad Bhagavad Geeta (As it is by Iskcon)

    ( Learn how to live a life and live it king size)

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