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    Jan 01, 1970 Akash Sharma Motivate Mee

                                                                                  THE HERO IN YOU

    To reach the pinnacle

    of life like few

    To inspire the world

    By doing something new

    To think of one day

    When you are the chief

    & everyone else in the queue

    Keeps you all time moving

    But to reach there a lot is due


    Slogging hard each day

    if your daily job

    In the end, reaching nowhere

    & Fighting life like a dog

    The answers to What and Why

    Seem lost in the smog

    You don’t wanna be an example

    Cause failure is in vogue


    Sit down, close your eyes

    to look inward in your heart

    Can’t you listen to angels’ whisper

    All this is the journey’s part

    Other’s failure defines you not

    You’re a person apart

    Bigness, Greatness, Glory & Pride

    Always demand a new start

    Falling seven times and stand up eight

    Is actually the winner’s Art


    To dream to be someone

    isn’t you, only alone

    In the battle of life

    Millions have come and gone

    They fought, they lost 

    To end in cry and groan

    Tried all things suggested

    But still not known

    So what does it take

    To be on the throne

    Can’t I find just one man

    To whom the secret is known

    I am sorry to have to tell you

    The secret of them is already shown

    They were unique so was their secret

    Now you gotta invent your own


    You must not forget that

    the ingredients are the same

    Do you wanna know them now? YES!

    Promise me, You won’t exclaim

    You! Stop asking for any secret

    If, wanna play a real game

    & Cross your heart on the following



    Stop living life to chase money

    And to do humanity for just fame

    Rise above the concept community

    In service to the nation is your name

    Live life up to what you say

    & to love unconditionally is your aim

    Kalam, Gandhi, Vivekananda lived 

    whole their lives just to claim


    What you seek, Who you wanna be

    You’re already going through

    Take time to honor yourself coz

    You're are the destination you’re going to

    To think of flying is only a fallacy

    Coz you are the sky of the color blue

    Krishna, Allah or Whosoever God is

    Leads your path in my view


    So just 

    Smile a lot, act like crazy and celebrate 

    Small good deeds that you do

    Don’t hesitate to devote the results

    To the almighty, you knew

    Legends do it, So do too

    Believe me or not but

    Believe The Hero in You…….The Hero in You…...The Hero in You


     ~Akash V. Sharma






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