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    We simply claim that the fools are all around and quit with people. Do we bother to determine  whether we are right or we are fool in return. Although it is a famous thought that the wisdom is the art of knowing what to overlook but we must as well realize what not to. The wise person is the one who is able to avoid the company of fools. What if we are one of them. We merely judge people based on our perception which falls wrong because all persons are same but the difference is of degree. Here my Endeavor is to mention some kinds of folly while the determination of degree is up to us so that we may not remain ignorant of the situations in which we prove ourselves to be a fool.


    1. Who does not listen to others patiently.

    2. Who thinks but doesn’t act.

    3. Who is proud of his anger.

    4. Who fears to laugh and continue increasingly.

    5. Who shouts on children and avoids reasoning with their questions.

    6. Who disregards his/her parents.

    7. Who criticizes others' success disdainfully.

    8. Who doesn’t want to learn.

    9. Who speaks something and does something else.

    10. Who monetizes everything even the values i.e. Many people feel free to sacrifice their values and emotions for a good amount of money that they would ever receive.

    11. Who is always lost in reminiscence while sacrificing today’s enthusiasm and keeps waiting   for the time later.

    12. Who is distressed with his/her physical short comings and wonders if he/ she would have.

    13. Who makes same mistake repeatedly and  didn’t grow wiser today.

    14. Who reads a lot and doesn’t use his/her mind for interpretation.

    15. Who is more interested in rumors rather than ideas.

    16. Who is prisoner of pessimism rather than hope.


    17. Who deliberately proves himself/herself to be great believer of reality that confirms failure of all our worthy and faithful efforts towards success. The world is magical and we are all ethereal. Believe me. It really works.


    18. Who resents someone again and again.


    19. Who is too enthusiastic in discussing trifling matters rather than investing his/her energy into creativity and innovation.   

    20. Who acts selfishly and doesn’t realize bigger reward of selflessness.

    21. Who has knowledge without ambition or lost his/her courage to dream high again and belittles his/her sight.

    22. Who lives life quantitatively not qualitatively.

    23. Who thinks that he/she is a failure. All failures are nature’s plan to prepare us for bigger responsibility. Take the responsibility & Never give up.

    24. Who expects a lot from others and is ignorant to the fact that giving breeds receiving process.


    25. Who compares his/her life with others' life. We are making history of tomorrow. wouldn't you love to make it  remarkable beyond comparison?


    26. Who did not realize the value of his time. certainly he/her didn't realize value of his/her life.

    27. Who forgets that God is always near by.

    28. Who reasons with God’s parables in order to fulfill his so called wishes i.e. Many a people argue, “God did not tell me about this .” while denying a truthful fact known to their subconscious mind.

    29. Who loses a true friend.

    30. Who thinks he/she is wise enough over others.


    Wisdom is never coveted rather it begins within so choose not to be a fool and you will grow wiser. My friend!


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