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    I was born alone

    & will alone die

    My deeds will remain here

    This is surely not a lie

    God VS Devil

    I always got the choice

    Devil is the weakness

    God is my inner voice


    I wished so unfair

    & wasted my deed

    God didn’t mind at all

    Still he gives what I need

    My acts were all selfish

    & cunningness was my pride

    Anger is the crown i wore

    My vices became extreme wide


    I hated people for pity things

    & kept finding their gilts out

    God made me no perfection

    One day he did shout

    I had grown such an evil

    & had not even doubt


    I now realized my guilt

    & continued self-discard

    I said,” I m sorry God,

    Please punish me hard.”

    But he forgave with a grin

    & gave me a hug

    His love is unconditional

    & amazing is his reward


    God gifted me a new life

    & a promise to lead my way

    I should give him my heart

    Lest again I should stray

    I promised to be honest

    Soon I began to rise

    Fortune now favors me

    & people call me wise



    I meet a lot of problems

    Which I have to get along

    God puts them in my way

    To polish me and strengthen

    & fights with me all time long

    People measure happiness

    By success, praise & money

    God asked me what I want

    I answered,” Your company.”


    God is ultimate bliss

    His servile are all things

    Humanity is his insignia

    & boundless are his blessings

    There is plenty to praise about

    I won’t ever prate

    Now every breath of mine says





                                                                           Copyright to Motivate Mee


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