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    What is being sensitive… it is the ability to sense whatever is happening around. If you are sensitive you will feel whether the things happening around are right or wrong.

    Humans are made of emotions and they should not try to control or avoid their emotions. Emotions are inherent in humans and using our logical reasoning we can use our emotions positively.
    What we can do is that we can make our reactions matured by using our logical reasoning. By the analysis of any situation we can find the exact reality behind and why that situation arose and so we are able to react in a matured way. When we reach the concepts it frees ourselves from worries. Those who understand the concepts of life love to live life and those who do not understand, just live.

    Because we are sensitive we want to change the things… because we are sensitive we love… and because we are sensitive we want to react if not externally, internally.

    If we are insensitive it gives unfavorable results because it is really inhuman and so is the root cause of ruining any relation.

    Sometimes we are insensitive what others are feeling in a particular situation, so we should try to be open for discussions, suggestions and feedbacks so that we reach the reality and able to understand the other person’s situation. By mutual discussion we can reach to a common conclusion or the conclusion that there is no point of discussion and we can formulate other ways to deal with the situation.


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