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It is indeed a pleasure to introduce us. Motivate Mee saw light of the day in year 2012. Motivate Mee Trust was founded out of true compassion and heartfelt vision of the founder to motivate and help people move out of self-created barriers & harness their untapped potential. We all have an urge to be someone of great value. We all strive hard to make our lives meaningful. For this we many times accept or build challenges to walk on. And in this journey we create, uncreate and recreate ourselves multiple times. And the irony is that a majority of people remains stuck in this process and compromise on desired progress and too many fail to recreate themselves. Their greatest accomplishments and desired lives remain impending. Their goals remain on hold. And a lot of people go through hardships and find obstacles in the pursuit of happiness.

We help them understand their thought process, recreate themselves and redesign their lives in better way. We help them get unstuck in the journey of life.

The way a man thinks makes all the difference in his life. High thinking, positive persona, right attitude have made a brilliant blend for great achievements since ages. All legends like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and most others like them have proved this by the virtue of how they lived their lives. Our endeavors are to help mankind rise above mediocrity and impart these invaluable virtues that they left behind. We are known for the positivity we awaken in our audience. We help them groom well by uncovering the true happiness lying within and by elevating their self-image. We motivate people for higher achievement needs and awaken leadership in them. We are truly passionate for quality delivery that ignites the will to accept change and elevates the moral standard of the participants.

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